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Return from MASS MoCA

I’ve recently returned from MASS MoCA’s huge survey of Canadian contemporary art. A brief description from the MASS MoCA web site:

 The largest survey of contemporary Canadian art ever produced outside Canada, Oh Canada features work by more than 60 artists who hail from every province and nearly every territory in the country, spanning multiple generations and working in all media. MASS MoCA’s curator Denise Markonish spent the last three years crisscrossing Canada to view hundreds of exhibitions in museums and galleries, visiting over 400 artists’ studios, and making connections with a full range of artists working in Canada today.

I was there to accompany certain pieces of my work that been invited to be on display as part of the one-year show.

I’ll post some pictures of the event in the near future, and in the mean time I’ll post this photo of work by another artist in the show (Kim Adams, Dragon Wagon):

Kim Adams, Dragon Wagon (2005) mixed media sculpture.

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